Halloween Party 2008!

Hello everyone!

This is a Halloween Party especially planned for returnee and foreign
exchange students.
There will be people with fancy costumes, treats and Halloween games...
basically everything you'd expect from an awesome halloween party!

There has been a change of the party space, but the closest station from the new party space "TRIZONE" is still JR Shinjuku Station, east exit.

Date: October 25th, Saturday 17:30-20:00 (Opened from 17:00)
Place: Tokyo-to Shinjuku-ku Kabuki-cho 2-45-4 Yosaburou building 6F
(4 mins walk from JR Shinjuku station)
Restaurant: nom3(nomo three)
Pre-tickets: 2800 yen
At the door: 3000 yen

free drinks and snacks will be served!

NOTE: RTN Project gives 300 yen of discount to those who have registered to "Halloween Party Registration" commmunity in our SNS "RTN-netwok (www.rtn-net.com)".

(mobile fromhere)

Returnee students and foreign exchange students from many universities
in Tokyo will be coming, including Waseda, Keio and Sophia. If you want to
make friends from other universities or have an awesome Halloween costume
but nowhere to wear it, this should be a great opportunity. We will have
costume competition, Halloween games and much more to entertain you at the
party. Treats are prepared so that you can enjoy Trick-or-Treating as well.

Come by yourself or with friends; either way, you are invited to join our party.
Our pre-tickets are available only through this website.

The number of tickets is limited to 120.
We recommend you reserve the tickets as soon as possible, as we had to turn
down people at the door last year after the place got full.

Pre-tickets can be reserved here!

Thank you and see you at the party!

RTN Project Department of Public Relations
Ayaka Fujiwara